September 11, 2019
September 13, 2019


“But all things should be done decently and in order” -1 Corinthians 14:40

September 12th 2019

It is not certain if we are conversant with the effects of clutters and debris in our homes. Although while we may probably be aware that clutters and debris make our home and environment very untidy, we probably are not aware that this clutter and debris are themselves the sources of our ill – luck and demonic influences. How come this, you may ask? Cleanliness or orderliness is nearer to godliness! Sometimes we keep so many things that are not important to us, thereby cluttering our homes with garbage and debris. This is not healthy and good for us. Life is lived based on principles which you must not lose sight of. These principles are organic and natural; affecting everyone not minding your religion or other affiliations. In nature, clutters feature as weeds in the garden or on the farms. These weeds have to be removed in good time in order that the plants may grow well so we can have a bountiful harvest. Otherwise, the weeds will grow up and choke the plants, and there would be no harvest. In the same way, you have to clear your mind of clutters in order that you may see clearly, and to become well focused on the path of progress and breakthrough. Some of the clutters standing against our progress in life are the following; anger, frustration, disappointment, complaints about not making it in life, anxiety about how to cope with financial challenges, envy, jealousy, regrets, other sinful dispositions etc. A mind cluttered with debris such as aforementioned cannot attract opportunities and breakthrough. Such persons usually are not sensitive to opportunities around them as they are overwhelmed by several thoughts of failure and doom. This condition of the mind usually generates anxiety and dark moments which forces the victim into a deep state of inactivity or a kind of spiritual sleep. While the victim is thus spiritually and materially asleep, he is unable to take advantage of the opportunities around him! By the time he wakes up, the opportunities are gone! Guess what? He starts to complain again, this time, more painfully and intensely. Getting annoyed this way does not solve any problem, rather, annoyance further clutters the mind and the victim goes back to sleep and wakes up to find an empty world where the opportunities are gone again. If the circle continues unabated, then such a person is never going to make any progress in life. There is no doubt that a cluttered free and clean environment or mind relaxes the mind, calms the spirit and ignites enthusiasm in a positive direction. Only a clinically dead person or someone without any form of sensitivity would enter a clean and organized environment and would not sense harmony and peace running down his nerves, brain fibers and every cell of his body. It follows that those who live in a negatively charged environment will harmonize with that vibes which may affect their progress or frame of thoughts. Same applies to those in a positively charged environment; they would enjoy positive vibes which in turn brings about positive changes. Note that our environment is greatly affected by our thoughts and conducts. Therefore, like the garden plants, you must weed off clutters from your mind right away. Just like a plant requires the right condition to germinate and grow, so you need the right environment and proper frame of mind to grow wealth, make progress in terms of material and spiritual growth. Starting from today, begin to dislodge clutters from your brains, mind, homes and environment.


Father in the name of Jesus Christ, I request that you purify my mind, my home and environment of physical, spiritual clutters and debris. AMEN.

FURTHER READING: Hebrews 12: 1

Mary Lawrence-Dokpesi
Mary Lawrence-Dokpesi
Mary Lawrence-Dokpesi was born in Nigeria to Patrick Abuda Obeakemhe and Juliana Fatimatu Obeakemhe, both from Ogbona Town. With a master’s degree in law, she was called to the bar at the age of twenty-two, and she is currently the principle partner of the law firm Mary Lawrence-Dokpesi & Associates. She is also the founder of two philanthropic organizations: the Living Waters Mission and the Rose Croix Foundation. In addition to law, Lawrence-Dokpesi was drawn to spiritual pursuits at an early age, having begun studying philosophy, theology, chaplaincy, and spirit therapy by the age of eighteen. Inspired by her spiritual calling, she has produced ten intensively researched manuscripts on spiritual matters. Although Understanding the Spiritual was the last to be written, it is the first to be published. Lawrence-Dokpesi is a mother and a wife living in the city of Abuja, Nigeria.

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