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26th SEPTEMBER 2021

It is the spirit that quickens; the flesh profits nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life.”John 6:63-70

In today’s word, Jesus is talking about the Christ spirit which is the power of God to create life and manifestation. Jesus says that it is the spirit that gives life to the body because the body is nothing without the spirit. That means the flesh is lifeless without the spirit of God. The lesson here is that we have to focus on creating our desires by His Spirit. For that to happen, we have to become alive in Christ. Authoritatively, Jesus says; “My words are Spirit and Life”. That is so because he is Christ!

Jesus performed miracles because He is Christ. Individually, we can also speak words that give life and create miracles or manifestations if we are connected with the Christ Spirit or when we allow the Christ Spirit to come alive in us. No doubt, all persons are possessed of the Christ Spirit, but not all of us are ALIVE IN CHRIST. That means we are yet to know the Christ Spirit and power that lives in us. Christ lives in you! That is the reason why we receive no results after we pray. But when others pray with us on the same issue, we get results. That is because those other people are alive in Christ and are therefore connected to the power of God to create life and manifestations.

The scripture teaches that; “THE WORD BECAME FLESH AND DWELT AMONG US” (John 1:14) That verse does not only mean that the Word of God took flesh and became Jesus Christ, but it also means that your thoughts and words can take PHYSICAL FORMS or manifest if you are in Christ. We need the special touch of the Holy Spirit to help us connect with the Christ Spirit that we might create manifestation. As we grow in faith, we have to open our minds and hearts for the Holy Spirit to touch us specially. The Apostles could neither preach the gospel nor heal the sick until they had received the baptism of the Holy Spirit (Ref. Act 2) When do we receive this baptism of the Holy Spirit? In Matthew 25:1–13, Jesus narrated the parable of the TEN virgins who wanted to marry ONE bridegroom. Five were prepared for the marriage while the rest five were not so prepared. The story teaches about our union with the Christ spirit, as in a holy bond and that we have to be ready to enable the bond to take place.

Only those who have prepared would be married to Christ, as seen in the parable. When we unite with Christ, we receive the Holy Spirit baptism into a new life in Christ. IT IS AT THIS POINT THAT WE BECOME ALIVE IN CHRIST. It’s a new life full of power, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. As some would say, it is a life of greater anointing of the Holy Spirit.

The good news is that the spiritual marriage between our souls and Christ is possible; those that are ready and prepared for the spiritual journey will receive assistance to pass through the darkness into the realm of light where they are born into a new life in Christ. Usually, it’s a long night and a long wait as you can see from the parable of the ten virgins; we too have to be prepared and wait patiently for this special anointing by the Holy Spirit. Jesus is calling you today to become alive in Christ. With the anointing of the Holy Spirit, we become victorious over adversity, disease, ignorance, and poverty. Our daily activities become easy by His Spirit!


Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, I declare that I am ready to receive the Spirit and Life of Christ today. By the power of the Holy Spirit, I remove every barrier standing between me and the life and power of Christ. Father, from this day onward, I shall move in the power and the Spirit of Christ. To God be the glory. AMEN.


Mary Lawrence-Dokpesi
Mary Lawrence-Dokpesi
Mary Lawrence-Dokpesi was born in Nigeria to Patrick Abuda Obeakemhe and Juliana Fatimatu Obeakemhe, both from Ogbona Town. With a master’s degree in law, she was called to the bar at the age of twenty-two, and she is currently the principle partner of the law firm Mary Lawrence-Dokpesi & Associates. She is also the founder of two philanthropic organizations: the Living Waters Mission and the Rose Croix Foundation. In addition to law, Lawrence-Dokpesi was drawn to spiritual pursuits at an early age, having begun studying philosophy, theology, chaplaincy, and spirit therapy by the age of eighteen. Inspired by her spiritual calling, she has produced ten intensively researched manuscripts on spiritual matters. Although Understanding the Spiritual was the last to be written, it is the first to be published. Lawrence-Dokpesi is a mother and a wife living in the city of Abuja, Nigeria.

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