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4th OCTOBER 2022

“And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast – Peter 5:10

This topic has become recurrent to strengthen our brethren currently going through periods of crises, anxiety or fear. Crises are those challenges we encounter in life that, if not controlled, can bring us to a state of psychological and emotional trauma. It is pretty scary to realize that challenges and problems are bound to erupt someday, no matter how careful we are. But the good news is that Jesus confirms that we can overcome all things (Jn. 16:33). 

Life’s challenges manifest in different forms and phases; sometimes, crises may manifest as regular losses of income or opportunities, loss of a dear one – possibly, the breadwinner, impaired health, general disappointment etc. Two things are often responsible for this trend; either we have failed to pay attention to the vital issues of life or for some divine reasons, we are made to go through the downward trend, and the scripture teaches that such experiences are good for us, as they enable us to develop patience and endurance. 

Paul demonstrated endurance and patience by acknowledging the Grace of God in his periods of weakness. When going through the downward trend, endeavour to practice the following: 1. Look unto Jesus: He is the Author and the Finisher of your faith. He overcame His trial, and therefore capable of leading you out of your problems. For those who continue to believe in Him and follow Him, He gives the power to overcome. When you focus your attention on Jesus, he gives you the grace to carry on in moments of affliction. 2. Focus on your Goal: Joseph had many challenges on his way to greatness, but through the help of God and by focusing on his goal, he overcame them. 3. Seek help: like David. Seek the help of God through regular prayers with psalms.  Choose the appropriate psalms and use them while praying for help. Also, seek the help of others and endeavour to take good counsel. 4. Endure the Pain: The scriptures say in Psalm. 30: 5, “weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning”. Jesus endured the pain of the Cross, and Joseph, Paul, and Silas endured the pain of imprisonment. We are also called to endure the pain that comes with the trial because when we do that, we will overcome it. 5. Make your offerings – Make a sacrifice to God, either in kind or in cash, serve the needs of others, and give alms and support to the weak. 


Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, I take authority in your word today, and I declare I am free from confusion, and I am made strong in my afflictions. Lord, I declare I am strengthened by your word and made strong by your spirit in Christ Jesus. Father, perfect your good works in my life and uplift me to the realm of victory. AMEN.

FURTHER READING: Philippians 4:12-13

Mary Lawrence-Dokpesi
Mary Lawrence-Dokpesi
Mary Lawrence-Dokpesi was born in Nigeria to Patrick Abuda Obeakemhe and Juliana Fatimatu Obeakemhe, both from Ogbona Town. With a master’s degree in law, she was called to the bar at the age of twenty-two, and she is currently the principle partner of the law firm Mary Lawrence-Dokpesi & Associates. She is also the founder of two philanthropic organizations: the Living Waters Mission and the Rose Croix Foundation. In addition to law, Lawrence-Dokpesi was drawn to spiritual pursuits at an early age, having begun studying philosophy, theology, chaplaincy, and spirit therapy by the age of eighteen. Inspired by her spiritual calling, she has produced ten intensively researched manuscripts on spiritual matters. Although Understanding the Spiritual was the last to be written, it is the first to be published. Lawrence-Dokpesi is a mother and a wife living in the city of Abuja, Nigeria.

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