If you are visiting our website for the first time, what you are about to read may sound odd or funny. It may even sound unserious. But it is advisable not to take this message lightly. It is the first step to unravelling the mysteries of God.

This is the message;

God is king and almighty over the earth. He is the great spirit whose essences and principles brought about the entire universe which include humanity, plants, animals, forces, principalities and powers.

God has a heart and a soul, but these are His essences or spirit. Also, God has another aspect which is visible to all of us. The visible aspects of God are our physical environment or the entire nature surrounding us; the rocks, waters, visible galaxies, stars, physical sun, moon, humanity, plants and animals etc. These visible aspects of God are brought about by a continuous condensation or freezing of His spirit or spiritual essences.

The visible aspects of God cannot be destroyed; It can only change from one state to another. For instance, we cannot destroy water; we may change water from liquid to solid and to vapour if we like. The vapour can again be condensed to become water or liquid. Sand and rocks can break down to their finer qualities; But, they cannot be destroyed so as to disappear completely. Gas or air is associated with water, both interchanging essences and principles. Therefore, you find water becoming gas, then gas becoming water. The circle of change of form continues nonstop.


The WORD or LOGOS of God are His soul and heart fused together to form a great ETERNAL SPIRIT which we refer to as ETERNAL WORD OF GOD. God extends his WORD or LOGOS to man and to all things when he created man and the whole universe. Therefore, Man and God have same soul and spiritual heart; This makes man a true image of God. What about every other thing created by God?

.. Now, read carefully from this point;

Every other thing created by God has His LOGOS OR WORD embedded or entangled in it. This is God sharing essence of spirit with the whole universe. This is why we say or believe God to be everywhere. The LOGOS or WORD is the ETERNAL WORD OF GOD. This is because the eternal word lives from age to age and can never perish no matter the circumstance. The Eternal Word of God is the creator of all things. He is the life and the soul of God. When He created all things, He left his spirit in all things. This is why everything created by the eternal word of God is alive and lives from age to age.

When God created man, He breathed into man the breath of life – HIS WORD OR SPIRIT, and man became a living soul. Therefore, the soul of man is an extension of the soul of God. Each man has his own soul taken from the general soul of God.

Also, when God created all other things such as plants, animals, water, sand, rocks, air etc. He simply spoke and brought forth into existence all these things one after the other. In this process of creation, God also deposited his WORD in all these things which he had created. However, in this case, the animals are not conscious like the man who is created in the image of God. Therefore, while a man is conscious and can resonates with the ETERNAL WORD, animals have a low consciousness which takes a very long time to resonates with the ETERNAL WORD.

BUT plants and the elements have very little consciousness and usually takes time to resonates with the ETERNAL WORD. The level of consciousness in man is higher than that of animals, which in turn is higher than that of plants and the elements.

Consciousness or awareness is a quality of the ETERNAL WORD. The reason we are conscious in the first place is because the eternal word of God dwells in us.

NOW be patient to understand this aspect;

The eternal word is the reason we are alive. This is because He is the LIFE of God. The eternal word is an aspect of the soul essence of God and it essence pervades every space, in all things – whether they be living things or non – living things.

Every aspect of creation, from man to the lowest manifestation of life, has capacity to resonate with the eternal word which is embedded in it. This level of resonance is largely responsible for the spiritual definition or quality to be ascribed to them.

NOW read on;

God is Triune i.e. He manifests in three forms:
God the FATHER
God the SON

When THE FATHER wishes to manifest HIMSELF as GOD on earth, He causes HIS SEED to enter the MOTHER through the vehicle of the HOLY SPIRIT. THE MOTHER is conceived by the FATHER through the HOLY SPIRIT. THE SON is born; He is holy, pure, and a true SON OF GOD.

THE FATHER is the king of heavens. THE MOTHER is the queen of heavens. THE SON is the seed of the FATHER – HE IS ETERNAL just like the FATHER.

GOD THE FATHER is Spirit, and therefore cannot act, except through human beings and the general physical environment. The environment including the elements therefore, provide a medium for the spirit of God to manifest or become visible. SO IT HAPPENED, that God the father, manifested Jesus Christ IN THE WOMB OF VIRGIN MARY.