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    Understanding the Spiritual is a lit pathway toward closeness with God. It defines the spiritual world as simply that which lies outside physical reality. This is the world of God, who manifests the physical world through his creative aspect. But God is not alone in the spiritual world; humans are also spiritual beings, capable of reaching higher spiritual states by becoming more aligned with God’s will.

    Invigorating new interpretations of scripture empower individuals to take responsibility for their own spiritual growth. For example, readers learn that the Bible is not the Word of God; rather, God’s creative aspect is the true Word. And Christ is a manifestation of God’s Word, gracing us with the strength to endure the consequences of our sins in the knowledge that we are in the process of spiritual evolution.

    Through thorough discussion, deeply personal testimony, and helpful techniques, this book will appeal to Christians and non-Christians, alike—inspiring anyone seeking new spiritual enlightenment.

    About The Author

    Mary Lawrence – Dokpesi is a Nigerian author. She currently lives in Nigeria and is widely traveled. Her first book is titled UNDERSTANDING THE SPIRITUAL, published in 2014. UNDERSTANDING THE SPIRITUAL reveals God, nature and man better that so many religion/spiritual books you can find on the shelf this day. Mary loves writing, reading and playing golf. She is the founder of LIVING WATERS MISSION, A faith based humanitarian, evangelical and healing ministry. If you desire to know how the WORD became flesh as Jesus Christ and how to benefit from the miraculous healing and turn around power of the ETERNAL WORD OF GOD, then join minister Mary Lawrence – Dokpesi at Living Waters Mission.