September 12, 2019
September 14, 2019


“A false balance is an abomination to the Lord, but a just weight is His delight.” —Proverbs 11:1

September 13th 2019

This topic is a difficult one to understand. But I will try to break it down for us to understand. Preaching about the need to maintain balance and harmony in life is not an easy venture. This is because we are all different in many ways; in fact, no two persons are identical in terms of behavioral, emotional and psychological makeup. How then do we live together in harmony despite these various dichotomies? Proverbs 16:11 states: “A just weight and balance are the Lord’s; all the weights in the bag are His work.” This means that all things are God’s and that He is and must always be the standard by which we measure everything. He and His character are of true balance. It follows further, that when we are looking forward to creating harmony and balance, the standard to be employed is God’s principles for creating harmony and balance. Perhaps, you may just be wondering why it is so necessary to live peacefully and happily with others. First, you must understand that the world is in balance; everything in the world is held together harmoniously by the word of God – the eternal essence of God which became flesh in Jesus Christ. The harmony and balance created by the word of God is the reason we are alive today. It’s also the reason the sun, the moon, the stars are held in balance and none of which is falling off or destroying another. In the same breath, we are expected to maintain balance and harmony of the body and of the mind, as well as living together in peace and harmony in our family and in the world. If we maintain harmony of body and mind, then we will be well and healthy, and diseases will be drastically reduced. Also, if we maintain harmony in our relationships, especially in our families, peace and fellowship will reign, while deaths and other negative spirits will be neutralized. NOTE that everything about God outweighs any capability, talent, capacity, or knowledge we have in comparison to Him. Therefore, in order to measure up to the standard required of us by God, we have to work or express ourselves within the bounds of God’s word and His eternal principles. The scripture is telling us today that as God expects scales and balances to be used with fairness and equity, so too, is His principle and ways to be measured against ours. Therefore;

1.     We must live in harmony with God’s word. In the words and experiences of a man within the pages of the Bible, God has given us a blueprint of how and how not to do things. We see the successes and the failures, the ups, and the downs, the heroes and the heathens, all written for our edification and development in the bible.

2.     We must live in harmony with times and seasons. The scripture says there is time for everything under the sun (Ecclesiastes 3)

3.      We must ensure that there are peace and understanding in marriages and family circles. Forgiveness is the key to family peace and harmony.

4.     We must, at all times, live among others and expressing love and peace. We must live among those God has not called, work for unconverted bosses to provide for our families and  send our children to the world’s educational facilities without sacrificing our relationship with God and our efforts to build strong marriages and raise godly children, while still remaining unspotted from this world (James 1:27).

Beloved, none of us is the same. We have different backgrounds, education, and experiences, but God overcomes these differences. Balance is putting into action those things that are God-centered and God-inspired and refusing to do those that are selfish and unhelpful. We come to balance when we understand, accept, and fulfill our God-given roles in life. When we realize that God is the final, just, and faithful Standard and Arbiter of all things—that His way is the balanced way of life—we have found Christian balance, and we will consistently make proper godly decisions.


 Lord Jesus Christ, I believe in God’s plan for my salvation, therefore, I give thanks to God in all things. Lord, I live by faith in obedience to your commands and principles. I ask this day for the power to live a balanced and harmonious life. AMEN.

 FURTHER READING: Philippians 2:3-4; Colossians 3

Mary Lawrence-Dokpesi
Mary Lawrence-Dokpesi
Mary Lawrence-Dokpesi was born in Nigeria to Patrick Abuda Obeakemhe and Juliana Fatimatu Obeakemhe, both from Ogbona Town. With a master’s degree in law, she was called to the bar at the age of twenty-two, and she is currently the principle partner of the law firm Mary Lawrence-Dokpesi & Associates. She is also the founder of two philanthropic organizations: the Living Waters Mission and the Rose Croix Foundation. In addition to law, Lawrence-Dokpesi was drawn to spiritual pursuits at an early age, having begun studying philosophy, theology, chaplaincy, and spirit therapy by the age of eighteen. Inspired by her spiritual calling, she has produced ten intensively researched manuscripts on spiritual matters. Although Understanding the Spiritual was the last to be written, it is the first to be published. Lawrence-Dokpesi is a mother and a wife living in the city of Abuja, Nigeria.

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